Dailies & Data Management

Cinelab offers fully integrated dailies management from “on set” backup and pre-grading, to fully dedicated media management at the lab.
The rushes are immediately secured and treated according to each production specific needs: on-line web-publishing with secure access, proxies encoding for image editing, footage export for VFX, RAID6 & LTO backup/archiving.

Dynamic metadata management allows optimization of each shot data’s control and transfer to all specific stakeholders: script girl, production, VFX and editing departments.


A coherent workflow

Cinelab integrated LUT management allows on set preview of grading presets defined by the DOP and the lab during shooting preparation.

These LUTs can be applied to online published footage and dailies sent to editing departement, which guarantees the DOP an accurate control over the entire image’s workflow. During grading sessions these LUTs are instantly available to the colourist as reference or grading basis.