CineLab is able to deliver DCP copies on industry standard DCI-compliant CRU-DX115 hard drives, USB flash drives, and via satellite. Trailers and adverts can be delivered on DVD or with digital delivery via dedicated high-speed connections.

We have all post-production equipment “in-house”, which guarantees maximum quality while maintaining strict confidentiality and security of your content. Each copy DCP can be encrypted and protected by a single KDM key, dedicated to a specific projection room.Our duplication bays are capable of rapidly duplicating and testing DCPs.

We have a large stock of discs packed in protective airtight casings (Pellican type) specially designed for shipment by air. Each DCP is delivered along with a technical QC report.

We promote workflows for eco-friendly distribution such as bicycle couriers who can deliver copies to theatres in the Brussels region within the hour.

KDM Web-Services

With our new KDM Web Service, Cinelab customers are able to manage online their KDM genration and distribution 24/7, autonomously. Based upon the serial number of the server and the desired timing window, your KDM are sent directly to the projectionist concerned!

For customers who wish to entrust the management of their KDM to Cinelab, we ensures the creation of KDM within 24 hours, from our updated database of certificates of all projection theaters in the world.