DCP Mastering

CineLab’s Digital Mastering department is constantly evolving with the new technology.
We can convert all data or tape formats into Digital Cinema Distribution Master (DCDM) and subsequent Digital Cinema Package (DCP), 2D and S3D.

Our lab can also re-wrap DCPs from other facilities or countries, and “reverse master” DCPs into different languages and formats. CineLab uses Fraunhaufer mastering tools, which are well known throughout the industry for producing the best quality and the most reliable digital 2-4K cinema content, in 2D or S3D.

Full on site QC

All our work is DCI compliant and is maintained to the highest standards of interoperability.

The CineLab mastering Lab is connected to our private screening room equipped with a Barco DP2K-series 2 projector and Doremi 2K4 server, allowing us to provide full quality controls in line with real-life conditions.

We always provide a detailed QC report upon completion, so that our clients can rest assured their material is perfectly encoded and ready for distribution.