Subtiling translationversioning

CineLab’s translation department collaborates with talented “native” translators for the key and delicate work of translating subtitles.

From scripts in all languages, we deliver high quality DCI-compliant XML files to our Digital Mastering department, for inclusion within the respective DCPs or any other digital media.
CineLab’s softwares are specifically designed to accommodate all our varied subtitling services, ensuring visual and technical accuracy, in both INTEROP and SMPTE formats, at 24 and 25 f/s.

Foreign Titling

From the VFX, artwork and graphics in the original language, CineLab is able to create language versions for the respective territories, preparing the film for international release.

Opening and end titles are all versioned and laid out to be indistinguishable from the original, allowing major features to be distributed worldwide without visual compromise.