Controlling quality, workflow and budget

As a producer, you are looking for a “one post shop” to post your film projects: features, documentaries and short films. With CineLab Digital Cinema Packages you get the most efficient post-production workflow, while guaranteeing respect for a competitive budget, tight schedules and your peace of mind.

Choose your favorite colourist,
we’ll do the rest

Our Digital Cinema packages cover all stages of image finishing: from conformation and 2/4K colour grading right through to the 2K/4K DCP copies, in 2D and 3D.

Our colour grading theater is equipped with a SCRATCH system perfectly operated by all colourists, as well as DCI compliant Barco 2K projection.
The whole digital image chain is managed using our own equipment. This gives a 100% quality guarantee, as well as consistent and continuous monitoring of the colorimetric chain.
Each DCP copy is checked on a 2K/4K “DCI-compliant” server and Barco 2K digital cinema projector identical to those used in cinemas. That means we can control what the viewer will really see, and guarantees the compatibility of our DCP copies with theatres worldwide.

Your Package can include in-house creation of your titles, special effects, subtitles, language versions, key management and printing of 35mm copies.