Digital colour grading: look & precision

Cinelab offers DOPs the latest-generation digital creative tools for photographic quality that’s rich in color and detail, whether shot in high- or low-light.
Our 2K-8K grading theater is equipped with a “DCI compliant” BARCO 2K digital-cinema projection showing colourists exactly what the viewer will see in the end.

The SCRATCH digital colour grading suite supports all native formats, including ARRI & RED RAW, Sony F65-F55, Phantom or Canon 5D, up to 8K resolution and beyond, all in 2D or S3D. A dynamic projects and metadata management provides a fluid and optimized workflow for VFX shots.

The whole digital image chain is managed using our own equipment, this gives a 100% quality guarantee, as well as consistent monitoring of the colorimetric workflow. Each project is managed by a single Cinelab contact person, who plans and coordinates all stages from receipt of rushes to delivery of DCP copies.

As for HDTV & series projects, Cinelab collaborates with the best freelance Belgian and European colourists.

Cinelab is a laboratory of passions. Because cinema portrays above all the emotions that a quality image is capable of transmitting